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Top 15 Unforgettable British Royal Scandals That Shocked The World

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1. The abdication of King Edward

King Edward Abdicates - ViralFabulous

While the idea of giving up being the King of England for the love of a woman seems like a fairy tale story, it is the most horrible scandal to the royal family.

In 1936, King Edward stepped down from the throne to marry the woman he loved, who was American and (even worse) twice divorced.

This caused so much uproar and stir that he was basically banished by his own family, who thought him to be the biggest traitor possible, a villain even.

Edward didn’t enjoy being King too much anyway, but the amount of hate he received was enormous. Thanks to him, his stuttering brother Albert had to be crowned, after the Prime Minister threatened to abdicate as a protest.

He married the woman he loved though, and they went on to be one of the era’s most stylish couples ever. It was also said he was one of the few royals who actually had a happy marriage after all..

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