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Top 15 Unforgettable British Royal Scandals That Shocked The World

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Members of the British monarchy are supposed to be the most elegant, buttoned-up people in history. As the tradition states that a King or Queen is annointed by God himself, you’d expect them to behave accordingly…

However, in these 15 cases, that couldn’t be any less true. I guess royalty are people too, it’s just that everytime they cross the line, it’s world news. It was hard to pick the top, but here are the best unforgettable royal scandals!

15. Prince Harry goes Nazi

Prince Harry in Nazi Costume - ViralFabulous

Just two weeks before the international Holocaust Memorial Day, Prince Harry decided it was a good idea to turn up at a ‘colonials and natives’-themed costume party dressed as a Nazi.

He was photographed wearing a swastika armband and a uniform similar to those worn by the desert German Afrika Korps.

The Prince himself reacted by saying “it was a poor choice of costume, and I apologize.”

Maybe he should have taken advice from his brother: Prince William wore a homemade outfit representing leopards and lions.

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